Badass Moving Forward With

Musings Badassery 7/15

(Really 7/16)

The little badass calendar hit the nail on the head again today! (I guess I needed this message for the 16th on the 15th, because, as usual, I am on the wrong day of the week….)


If I get to invite people, experiences, and things to my life party, I can toss them out too!

Evict them!

Rescind the welcome mat!

Say buh-bye!

I am healing

I need to practice self-care

more than I do now.

I am an empath.

Empaths care.

Too much.

We attract those who need to be cared for.

Too much.

Sometimes by caring too much, we inadvertently enable instead of empower.

Enabling feeds dysfunctional behavior.

Dysfunction breeds codependency, when in fact, interdependence is the ultimate goal of all relationships.

Again, I find myself down another rabbit hole of thought in which I must remind myself: Heart over Head; Heart over Head.

Note to self: “Lisa Mae, You started out stellar, then let your head take over, and while it made very valid points, the subject was ‘self care and allowing people into your party.’ You’re thinking too damn much again! Head: ‘Shut the fuck up!’”

Okay, Heart, it’s your turn:

I love people. I care about people, and how they feel, think, their emotions, and just everything. I feel what they are feeling…

I don’t want anyone to hurt.

But I realize that everything I care about is out of my control.

I can’t do the hard work of healing for anyone except myself.

I can’t want something more for someone, anyone, more than they want for themselves.

I can, however,

sit on the bench with them,


acknowledge their feelings,

be present,

be silent,

not offer unsolicited advice,

and hang on tightly if they are close to the edge.

I can love people





… and if it turns out that the relationship is not mutually beneficial,

I can say NO!

I can say Buh-bye!

XO Lisa

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