Gratitude Series Moving Forward With

Musings Gratitude Day 47

I keep thinking

(yes, I know, heart over head)

that as I get one thing

up and out,

deal with it,

have happy days,

something else creeps up,

another shadow

comes to the surface

to be acknowledged.

Today I am shadow-hopping.

Darkness dancing.

I know it’s temporary

one of those waves

that seem to roll

with regularity.

But today

the difference is

that I recognize the shadows


dance with the darkness!

I embrace that

which I once feared.

I use the shadows

learn from them

gaze at them

in awe

turn them around

recognize the positive side

and bring them up

and into the light

so they are no longer


Shadows are

nothing more than

the result of

objects, past occurrences,

blocking my light.

The light is there…


Now I am brave enough,

Badass enough

to break wide-open


the past occurrences

that block my light.

As more and more

are gone,

my light

will get


I am grateful

for shadows

for dancing

for sledgehammers

and for light!

XO Lisa

1 comment on “Musings Gratitude Day 47

  1. Oh, I love this one for it hits home in so many areas. I can dance with the shadows and darkness now, they do not own me. In fact God has given me strength to recall them and allow Him to use them to mature me so I can give an answer for the one who lives in me. Can I just say again, this one I love.


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