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We are All Fighting Something

I am just going to put this out there

(yes, I’ve been saying that a lot lately-

or at least twice today)

I am still stuck on the song

“A Reason to Fight”


We are all fighting something

whether it be

grief, suicidal thoughts,

addiction, low self-esteem,

alcoholism, darkness,

nighttime, sadness, alone-ness,

health challenges, medical problems,

a job we hate, relationship issues,

child troubles, guilt,

pain, fear,

the list could go on and on.

On November 4th I began listening to “A Reason to Fight” by Disturbed.

The first time I listened to it,

I was shattered.

Air-sucking, breathless, shattered.

The song hit me straight in the soul.

I was spiraling out of control.

Grief had me in it’s unyielding grasp

I was not good

not by a long-shot.

But this song

just one song

gave me hope!

I listened to it straight on repeat

for weeks-

It remains number one on my playlist.

You can read that post here or see the video by clicking:

My point to this post is:

If we are not fighting something, chances are very good that we know someone who is…

That is why this official live video resonates:

If you know someone who is fighting – reach out to them.

If you feel hopeless and are trying to be a warrior

but acting alone

ask for help

reach out to someone


173 XO Lisa

9 comments on “We are All Fighting Something

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  2. Lisa, please continue to write and share. As you state so well, most of us are fighting something in our lives. You have opened many hearts and eyes with your testaments of strength and perseverance. God’s peace!

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  3. I’m so glad you are blogging this out .
    It’s all quite true isn’t? We are all fighting something. It’s just the human condition that links us all thus, we need each other and we need to reach out.

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    • Thank you for the validation! Blogging has helped me persevere.

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      • Grief can be such a complicated journey, daunting, treacherous at times and often difficult to share with those closest to us. We don’t want to worry them, to be a constant “Debbie downer”, drag others down, so we plaster fake smiles, hide the sorrow, bury despair, and withdraw….all the while it builds. It is a good to have an outlet where we can work through it, experience it, get to that place where the memories that crush us now, becomes the things that make us smile again.
        Bloggers tend to form a caring, supportive community with one another and because they apart from your personal circle, give you a space to pour those things out unfettered while the many form a safety net to catch you and bear you up through the journey.
        I’m glad you found us here.

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