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December 17, 1960

Sometimes it’s okay if all you did today was breathe.

Author Unknown

My Mom told me this story every day on my birthday:

“I was shopping and felt something unusual. I went to the doctor’s office right away to be examined and he saw your foot. He said “Let’s get over to the hospital, you’re having this baby today.”

The only problem was that it was three months before you were due. So I went and you were born feet first at 11:55 am and weighed 2 pounds 11 1/2 ounces, screaming bloody murder.

They told us that if you lived 72 hours you had a chance.”

The rest of the story is that I was placed in an incubator on 100% O2 (as a Respiratory Therapist, this makes me cringe) and they tickled my feet when I stopped breathing.

After my mom was released from the hospital they told her that she should only come to see me once each week because I probably wouldn’t live anyway. She defied them. My mom was strong. I was stubborn and defied the odds.

So today, in tribute to my stubborn mom who prayed with all her might and willed me to live:

I will just breathe throughout

this birth anniversary

the first without my Love

the third without my Parents

and try not to focus

on loss,

but instead on life

on blessings

on the future

I will continue to

defy the odds

as I have for the last

21,549 days

and just breathe.

174 XO Lisa

9 comments on “December 17, 1960

  1. Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.


  2. Lisa, I appreciate your passion for living. Your mother passed on many qualities to you. We all can learn from your witness . . . keep breathing and make every day precious in its own unique way. God’s peace!

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  3. Ruth Kanney

    You certainly have a strong will… hugs

    Liked by 1 person

  4. May Jenkins

    Awesome story

    Liked by 1 person

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