One year ago today I wrote this post from a very dark place:

We are all Fighting Something

I still love the song because it reminds me of how far I have traveled down the grief road in the past year.


I have learned a lot about myself:

That it’s okay to do what’s best for me!

I don’t have to please others

I can say NO

It’s okay to push the block button

Delete is okay as well

Goodbye is perfectly acceptable.

I don’t have to bow to pressure,


or passive-aggressive people.

I am worth loving,


and being myself- my true self!

I am powerful!

I am badass!

I am worthy!

I am grateful!

And richly blessed beyond my wildest dreams…

I am so happy that I rode out the waves and stuck around to grow and flourish.

I know that Larry is applauding (now my eyes are leaking and goosebumps are traveling down my spine after I finished that thought, but it’s all good)…

Keep going and do not give up.

XO Lisa ❤️ living a gratitude filled life!

2 comments on “12/16/2019 Revisited

  1. Lisa, thanks for reposting. The powerful video shares a message we all need to hear.

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