Badass healing Moving Forward

Badassery 12/15

Well hello little badass calendar…

No copyright infringement intended

Wake up bitches! (borrowed from the badass calendar)…

The world is going to keep spinning regardless of what is going on outside of my head…

Why should I be concerned about things I cannot control?


I am keeping out of the fray. These things are determined at a level higher than me. If you don’t think so, just look around.

If people like me or not?

I cannot change their opinions. I certainly cannot change how they see the world, which directly influences how they see others.

The lenses that we see through influence our view of everything and everyone around us.

Have you ever looked through night-vision glasses?

I’ll admit that I have a pair (or two). I have cataracts on both eyes that have to be fixed when non-essential surgeries are again allowed. Until then, my night driving will be curtailed and the Roy Orbison amber lens glasses will be on my face when driving at night.

The problem with amber lenses is that while the annoyingly blinding starburst bright white lights are still there, everything that is white is now yellow. It looks like my dog has peed all over the snow, on the lights, on the starbursts and halos, and on the headlights of every oncoming vehicle. In addition, I have to strain to see (maybe because the yellow annoys me), so the big ass glasses give me a headache.

Some people view the world through night-vision glasses all the time. They expect to get pissed on, so they don’t trust anyone. White is non-existent in their world. The annoying headache is a 24/7 way of living.

I prefer to be positive.

I know that sometimes life looks like night-vision.

When it’s cloudy with a chance of rain, thunder and lightning storms, ducks, and small elephants. It could be cold and snowy. Other times it’s sunshine as far as the eyes can see.

The best thing that can happen is that during the rain the sun will pop out and a rainbow will appear – maybe even a double!

If the rain keeps coming, I’ll grab an umbrella and rain boots and go splash in the puddles.

But regardless, we cannot change the weather.

We can either change our viewpoint of the weather,

of our life,

how we see people

the way we choose to look at everything,

or we can be miserable.

I choose happy…

How will you choose to see your world?

XO Lisa ❤️ living a gratitude filled life!

2 comments on “Badassery 12/15

  1. Thank you Rory! High compliment!


  2. aguycalledbloke

    F cking awesome post Lisa!! See, l can miss letters out too 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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