Thoughts on Grief I

I welcome this thing called grief. 
If grieving is present, great love existed.
Would I grieve the loss of a stranger?
Probably not.

But grieving a loved ones loss
provides the opportunity
to remember, reflect, and learn.
When a memory is triggered,
more come like a flood.
Sometimes they are accompanied by tears
and others bring smiles.
Each memory brings my love back
in my heart and mind
as though he hasn’t left.

I miss him.
I scream.
Often I swear
sometimes I laugh.

When emotions settle I reflect
on the person’s good characteristics
how they helped me grow
into the person I am today.
After the tears subside
(until the next time)
and breath is possible,
I remember that I am strong.
I am capable.
I will go on.
Eventually will be okay,
but I will never forget.

© Lisa M Preisler 13 July 2019

Published by lprslr

Navigating the river of grief while plugging the holes in the boat as I sail along...

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