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Reflecting- Thoughts on Grief XXXVI

I have come so far

in the 155 days since

Thoughts on Grief I

Written only 17 days after

my Love’s death,

I was broken.

My heart was


Now, 172 days on

I am sad

tears flow

after dark

at poignant memories

for no particular reason

but I cannot honestly say

that I am broken.

My heart is scarred,


full of holes,


but no longer shattered.

I will always miss my Love

and love him until I die

for he is and always will be

a part of me.

Is there room in my heart

for another love?



will another understand that

I will never stop loving

someone else?

I don’t know that answer.

I do know that my life is just

where it’s meant to be at

this moment in time

according to G-d’s plan.

For that, I am grateful.

172 XO Lisa

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