16 days
… and it seems like a year
Since I last saw your face and held you near.
15 days
… since the call came that morn
When time stood still and my whole world was torn.
14 days
… things are moving so swift
Nothing’s the same. Do you know that you’re missed?
13 days
… and I’m losing my head
The future seems bleak, my soul feels so dead.
12 days
… you would want me to be
Thankful that you can finally fly free.
11 days
… since we laid you to rest
Just like you wanted- truly your best.
10 days
… tears falling like rain
Sleep just will not come, my heart’s full of pain.
9 days
… the pain is intense
Missing you terribly, nothing makes sense.
8 days
… we’ve moved things around
Your loss is more clear, I want to break down.
7 days
… you told me be strong
I didn’t see what you knew all along.
6 days
… the family’s all gone
The house is so still, just have to hold on.
4 days
… 12 years since we wed
Beautiful memories filling my head.
3 days
… it’s back to real life
Bills need to be paid, and I’m still alive.
2 days
… I’m filled with despair
The world seems against me- I need fresh air.
1 day
… wishing you were here
Cheering me on with your presence so dear.

© Lisa P 11 July 2019

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