July/August 2019

Lawrence’s loss is not only affecting me, but everyone who loved him.

On 1 July 2019 Sarah wrote:

“Last night as I was putting Bristol to bed, she says to me “Why did grandma and paw paw have to pass away? I really wish they would come back.”

Sarah Stansbery

Bristol is three years old and had a special bond with her Paw Paw Larry. She also lost her Grandma Beth just one month ago. So much for a little one to process.

Jonathan (who is on the spectrum) has difficulty not being in control of when people come and go. He has good days and bad days. He misses his grandpa and asks a lot of questions about your life and growing up.

Malea thinks of you a lot. She is sad, but remembers the good times that you both had together. Your bond with her was unshakable.  

Jen is feeling your presence through dragonflies. She sees them regularly. They land on her finger and follow her on walks. You came to her first in a dream to say you are okay.

Beth Kile of Madison, WI’s Gin, Chocolate, and Bottle Rockets writes:

“…our beloved Bottle Rocket, Jen Farley, lost her father in June after a prolonged illness. We sang “This House” for Larry at our Olbrich Garden show and he has been showing Jen signs that he is still sending his love to her over the last few weeks in the most peculiar ways.”

Beth Kile

The day before your service at her Temple, you visited her in her dreams. You were young and healthy and told her you were okay. The closing song of the service was “River of Jordan” from the movie Airplane. Jen confirmed that you watched it many times with she and Joe. Did you pick that song as a reminder of good times?

The Dragonfly connection is present at Shawn and Sarah’s house as well. They started showing up after Grandma Beth’s passing and increased in number after Grandpa Larry’s.

Your friends miss you too. Larry has been telling me stories of your times together. It helps tremendously.

Everyone who knew you misses you…

© Lisa P

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