October 2005

There is something to be said for the anonymity of online dating. Don’t give out too much information, keep it simple. However, after the get-to-know-you email exchanges and wondering if this person or that person would be a good match, the initial meeting must happen. Our relationship got off the ground slowly, mostly because he was on the road a lot. He told me from his introductory email that he was not a boy scout and he was excited by all life had to offer. He also gave me his phone number. Of course, I called- who wouldn’t…

Our first face-to-face meeting was on 30 October 2005. It took place at Baker’s Square – we had coffee and pie. I was half-asleep after a long day with my nieces and my mom. But there was a spark between us from the very beginning. We talked for a long time.

This is part of the email that he sent back to me:

“Lisa, it would be very easy to write to you and say that I enjoyed meeting you tonight. I cannot do that. You exceeded my expectations. You are a beautiful woman, despite the fact that you were half asleep. Even this makes me feel privileged to meet with you, because it means to me that you wanted to meet me as much as I wanted to meet you. I only hope that we meet again and when we are both energetic … Love, Larry”

From Lisa to Larry:

24 November 2005


I know that we met just a short time ago-

But there are afew things I need you to know;

My life was a song sung in minor keys.

Then you looked in my eyes and connected with me.

You’ve struck a major chord in my soul-

What once felt like half now feels like it’s whole.

I think of you often and smile when I do,

my black-and-white world had been born anew.

The darkness I felt has turned into day-

 now sunshine and colors- not shades of gray.

Now a new song springs forth from my heart,

You’re part of my soul even when we’re apart.

I cherish the time I spend with you

You’re my gift from G-d in a world askew.

©   Lisa Stansbery (Preisler)

From Lawrence:

26 November 2005

“Lisa: What a rush!!!! I woke up this morning, half awake and sluggish, to find on my computer not one but two emails you sent me… I was warmed by your sentiments and needed to take a shower to cool down. We have only known each other for a short time, but I have come to enjoy your wit, your love, and your personality. You also have a gift of prose that I can only imagine, as I am not as great a writer as you… My heart felt pain for your past. It also deepened my resolve to make you as happy as I can. I, too, have emotional baggage from the past, which to describe to you now would fill a book… We come from different backgrounds, each of us shaped by our experiences. I am thrilled that there is a you, who is open and giving as I… I want to see you, hold you, talk with you, cook with you, absorb your energy, and be one with you. To say anymore would be repetitive. Love, Larry”


In retrospect, a love like Larry and I shared is rare.

Neither of us perfect, but perfect for each other.

Regardless of our past or present circumstances, love was present.


We never lost sight of our love for each other, even during the hard times.

© Lisa P

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