Well hello little badass calendar…

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Oh to be a child again,

free from expectations

and self-shaming,

accepting everything as it is

with joy and laughter.

Before influences of

the world


the news

nasty people



and what one should be.

I accept everyone as they are. No expectations.

Perhaps it’s easier for me that way.

Perhaps it is a result of my long journey to accept myself as I am.

Maybe it’s an avoidance tactic.

If I had a therapist, I would ask him/her. However, I don’t so I will just carry on.

I have learned to not worry about things I have no control over.

I used to worry all the time.

All the time.

About everything.

Until I realized that worry robbed me of so many moments of enjoyment that I should have had with individuals who are no longer present in the body.

So now I ask myself when I find myself agonizingly overthinking: “Can I control or change this situation?”

If the answer is no, it gets symbolically put in a box that is outside my head.

“Living a simplified life of concentrating on the now, accepting others and myself as we are, and not worrying about things I cannot control, has brought about the peace that I have been looking for my entire lifetime.”

– Lisa Long Preisler

XO Lisa ❤️ living a gratitude filled life!

3 comments on “Badassery 10/28

  1. So beautiful Lisa! It sounds like you have had an excellent therapist,,,.. you.. to hold you through to the other side. ❤️🤗 Cindy

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