I realized today that I’ve had another paradigm shift, or at least it seems that way.

I am waking up happy

I can think of Larry without tears


but if they do come they aren’t painful.

I recall more happy, joy-filled memories than sad.

My life is no longer centered around mourning and pain.

I believe I deserve live a joy-filled life.

I believe I deserve to heal completely.

I believe I deserve to be loved for me.

I believe the universe will open closed doors for me.

My soul is at peace

My brain feels peaceful

My heart is peaceful

The amazing thing to me, is that this didn’t happen until I made some very painful decisions to let go of, unsubscribe to, and walk away from the philosophies that were holding me back.

I realized that I could no longer live a life of mourning.

In order to live my best life, I had to heal fully and completely.

I just couldn’t fathom a future where healing was not a goal, a real possibility.

Here’s to the future!

My future!

I will embrace the unknown willingly

with a grateful heart ❤️

“To infinity and beyond!”

— Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story

XO Lisa

Zoom zoom!

5 comments on “No Longer…

  1. That’s such good news, Lisa!
    Grief is such an individual thing, it’s stages, how long those stages last, from all bad days to the good & bad and what that ratio may be. We have to pass through that fire alone, individually, and its journeys experience must be uniquely our own…we can’t do it by someone elses formula. But, how wonderful is that time when you shift from that place that a mere thought, a smell, a memory, causes such depth of pain that we pull back from it like a hand to flame. Like a great severing from those we love.
    When those same things begin to bring a smile, a warmth and joy….we it’s like reconciliation, a reconnecting where they again bring us that old familiar joy and comfort….again enjoy…a presence of them again like wondering if they would’ve liked this new couch, the wondering what they would say or do in a situation and discovering how well you know the answer and they way that makes you laugh or smile yet again.

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    • Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! I can talk about the funny times and they actually make me laugh again. I don’t have to wonder what he would think because if he doesn’t tell me, I already know. It’s like he is closer than ever in my mind and in my heart. What an amazing feeling to have. But I could never have made it to this point had I not gone through the fire and the burning down of grief and mourning.

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  2. I love reading your posts. I’m going to start my day off with your posts starting tomorrow. You inspire me. Thank you.

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