Today I am grateful for the chance to begin anew.

“How can you rise, if you have not burned”

― Hiba Fatima Ahmad

I always loved the legend of the Phoenix.

The great, beautiful bird burns, yet rises from the ashes.

Regardless of the name or version of the story, it ends with rebirth and renewal.

Healing, rising, coming back, beginning again after grief and mourning can be compared to burning and rising from the ashes.

In the beginning, grief burns like the great fire of a funeral pyre — encompassing one’s entire being. There is no escape. One screams out in painful mourning as the red-hot flames burn from the inside-out.

How long the fire roars is up to the individual, it burns until one decides “I have suffered enough.”

Finally reduced to ash when the fire stops burning, regenerative healing can commence.

“Rising from the ashes, I am born again,
powerful, exultant, majestic through all the pain.”
― Shannon Perry, Ad Eundum Quo Nemo Ante iit:: A Carmina Collectio

Then magically one rises from the pile of ashes with hope to begin anew.

To be reborn.

To be renewed.

However, when rising from the ashes, one always carries remnants of ash forward. It is inevitable.

One carries memories

of loved ones

of the past

in the heart,

in the soul,

in the lessons learned.

“Wake up wild one! Your mind is a cageless bird waiting to fly to uncharted lands. Like the phoenix, you’ll rise again with renewed vigor, clarity, compassion and insight.”
― Melody Lee, Moon Gypsy

Never forget the love.

May your memories be blessings

… and lessons learned.

XO Lisa

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