“Sometimes what’s dead must be burned away to make room for new life. Sometimes you just have to step back and let the brittle bits ignite – but once those flames begin to dance their caustic dance, don’t you dare look the other way. Don’t close your eyes. Watch closely and let that image seer itself forever on your mind. Remember what it looked like in the midst of the soot, the smoke, and the haze. Remember, so you don’t repeat the same conditions that required such a blaze.”

― Cristen Rodgers

“Her ‘death’ was the only way for her to live.”

― Brynn Myers, Redemption

“Bird of the sky

still bound to the earth,

soaring to unimaginable heights

yet returning to perch in the willow.

Death is near, always near

and so…is life

even in the ashes.

Rise Up Phoenix.

Live. Fly. Create!”

― Michele Jennae

“How I wish I was like the water,

Flowing so freely with every drop

Let my every emotion wonder,

No need to start, nor even stop

How I wish I was like the fire,

Burning with every flame up

Leaving a trace of hot desire

As a Phoenix raises its’ wings up

How I wish I was like the earth,

Raising each flower from the ground

Seeing the beauty of death and birth

And then returning to the ground

How I wish I was like the wind,

Hearing each whisper, sound and thought

A lonesome and wandering little wind,

Shattering all that has been sought

Oh, how I wish I was where you are,

Not separated by empty space, so far

It seems like we’re galaxies apart,

But we find hope within our heart

And how I wish I was all of the above,

So I can come below and yet forget,

The beauty of angels which come down like a dove

And demons who love with no regret.”

― Virgil Kalyana Mittata Iordache

“You may kill a fire. And everything you know falls to dust and ash. Yet the remarkable treasure in this seemingly hopeless pile, is hidden deep within. The burning embers incarnate the perpetual desire to go from spark to flame.”

― Akilnathan Logeswaran

“Eternity will not cause our memories to fade, it will force our hearts to accept the past.”

― Ross Caligiuri, Dreaming in the Shadows

“Like the Phoenix
I rise from the ashes

The challenge of darkness
May eclipse
My thoughts
Stealing positive words
From my lips
Paralysing me to my fingertips

But again I will arise once more

Like I’ve done so many times before

As the crests of the wave
Leaves its anchor of the shore”
― Lorraine Day

“I am a phoenix rising from the ashes of my pain and suffering. Today I am reborn, today begins my growth and change.”

― Kaitlin D.S. Cammie

“As the legend goes, when the Phoenix resurrects from the flames, she is even more beautiful than before.”

― Danielle LaPorte

“As long as we bear these scars we will always be reminded.”

― S.A. Rolls, A Brand New Ending

XO Lisa

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