Moving Forward

Rona Musings Stop Just Stop

Overthinking Brain

will not let me sleep

I suppose I should be thankful

that the brain is still intact,

well, that’s open for interpretation.

Drinking formaldehyde isn’t really an option. But I understand that tequila is a good preservative.

How to get sleep cycles back on track seems to be the burning question these days. This ‘wake up at 2:30-4:00am’ thing won’t work for long. Up late, get up way too early…

Perhaps I should try meditation. Perhaps not. I can’t even be hypnotized because the brain won’t relinquish control. Perhaps yoga. No. Not a contortionist. Perhaps pharmaceuticals. No. Brain fog. The herbals that used to help aren’t doing the trick.

I’ll figure it out, eventually. Hopefully during daylight hours!

Until then, I need to learn to relax.

XO Lisa

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