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This introvert is craving people contact...

The Covid-19 Affect

This introvert is craving people contact…

I suppose it’s the “you only want what you can’t have” effect, but still craving people contact. Face-time, talking on the phone, instant messaging, hopping on social just for interaction, blogging, just doesn’t cut it. My heart’s desire is a full-on bear hug that feels as though it could go on forever.

Just one month ago I could have crawled into a self-dug hole, covered it over, and stayed there. But not now, no, no way. I need skin-to-skin contact.

But it’s just too dangerous. I’ve been overseas within the last two weeks. I’m working from home for the foreseeable future. Travel is dicey. I certainly can’t be around my grandchildren until it’s positive that I am negative, and even then, not until this covid thing is well over.

The upside-down virus-ridden world is still turning whether I am isolated or not. Work needs to be done. The dog still needs to walk, go outside, eat. I will survive if it’s meant to be, and if not, I know were I’m going and who I’ll be hanging out with.

However, the thing that concerns me are people who are not taking this seriously. Those who refuse to follow guidelines although they fall in an at risk group but continue to ignore the warnings. Those who still go to beaches in great groups of virus-ridden people. I see large groups of people as virus incubators- and I am not even a germophobe- or at least I wasn’t until now.

Life is too short to bow to lifestyle and pride.

I have researched this Covid-19 monster extensively for my job as a Clinical Specialist/Respiratory Therapist. I’ve watched the numbers of people who have tested positive increase exponentially over the past weeks as the death count rises. I’m not surprised at all, because the numbers are in line with the epidemiology math R0 values that were predicted.

The world is in chaos. Countries are shutting down. Borders are closing. People are suffering. Life and death decisions are made due to age and available equipment- especially ventilators. I wonder how many people are positive and do not know it yet due to a shortage of testing kits.

The world is upside-down due to a beautiful, breathtaking, visually perfect, virus.

I am attaching a couple of links that really drive the urgency home. They are not for the faint of heart, but both are sound and from a professional perspective:

Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now – Tomas Pueyo

The Sober Math Everyone Must Understand about the Pandemic – Jason S Warner

Be well, my friends.

If you’re told to stay home, please do. Take care of yourself.

Hug yourself from me.

Soon, we’ll be able to hug for real.

XO Lisa

5 comments on “Isolation

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  2. Well, I am doing the best I can here. Our church even closed down for a couple of weeks. Not everyone is a flouter of rules. But it is hard, even for introverts.

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  3. Oh girl! I’m concerned about those not following guidelines as well. Although lake Ozark is not a big city but rather a series of very small towns, 4.5 million people from all over the US and abroad, descend upon our area during tourist season.
    Our area has ZERO cases of COVID-19 yet with schools closing and spring break, people are still coming here to vacation!!!! They are coming from infected areas and putting additional strain on the already empty market shelves, with absolutely no regard for the people who live here and the safety of our community. One such vacationer even posted on Lake area Happening FB page that if we locals were afraid of exposed to COVID-19 by vacationers, we should all just stay in our houses while they’re here!
    The epitome of selfishness. Putting others at risk for illness or death for the sake of their good time.

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    • That is crazy, so crazy. I wish people would use this outbreak to come together instead of cause divisiveness.
      Ignoring the warnings to stay put just puts others at risk.
      The numbers prove it.

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