Moving Forward

Busy Work

While Semi-Quarantined

Week one of my post-travel overseas stay at least six feet away from every living human being semi- quarantined is done and now on to week two. (What a run-on sentence, yes, I am aware grammar police).

And so it goes.

My life these days isn’t very interesting- working from home during the week. Thank G-d for a wonderful employer who sent everyone except patient-facing employees home to work.

Listening to many tunes, full bore. Don’t know where I would be without uplifting, loud music.

My pup is getting walks in the metro park when the weather is nice. I take a ride in the car almost every evening to stave off boredom and get a bit of fresh air.

I’ve been actually cooking, dusting off those skills again. Anybody have tips to cook for one?

I have been playing my keyboard- albeit badly, but this morning when I was playing I smelled Old Spice. Overwhelming scent. I associate that scent with my Grandfather, so I like to think that he was listening. The thought brought some peace.

I found more TP! So I am stocked for the apocalypse. Not overstocked, but okay for the foreseeable future.

Many artists are streaming mini concerts live on social these days. My bonus daughter Jen and her band mates Beth and Shawndell (Gin, Chocolate, & Bottle Rockets) did one better last evening. They streamed a live two-hour concert that brought joy to many people. Look them up on iTunes and Spotify. They are amazing! I can’t think of anything better than to support these wonderful ladies!

So I’ll go back to cleaning (sans Jagermeister, for now). I hope you all are doing well and staying sane. Of course, I realize that sanity has many different meanings…

I’ll leave you with a pic of what sprang up in my backyard over the past week. They remind me of all the daffodils I saw in London two weeks ago.

Happy Spring!

XO Lisa

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  1. Happy Spring Lisa!

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