2 years, 11 months, 26 days

from the last time you were present on earth

Tomorrow is 23 Sivan

marking three years on the Hebrew calendar

since your light was extinguished on earth

a candle will be lit at sunset tonight

to commemorate your memory

As I contemplate this evening

memories of you

and our life together

flash through my mind


waves of sadness wash over me

not tsunami waves

as in the early days of grief

but strong enough to take my breath away

as tears blur my vision

There are no words to adequately describe

my feelings of






as tears continue to fall

I will let the Yahrzeit prayer say

what I cannot in this moment

ETERNAL G-D, as I kindle this Yahrzeit candle on the anniversary of the death of my beloved, Lawrence Preisler, the memory of his life passes before me. I reverently recall the moments we shared together. Time cannot efface the measure of his memories. I shall ever be grateful for the sacrifices made in my behalf. With affection and understanding he stood by my side to guide and encourage me when I needed help. He taught me to love Thee, O G-d, and to keep Thy Commandments.

Five days from now,

June 26th

will be Larry’s three year anniversary

on the Gregorian calendar

he would find it fitting that

he has two remembrance dates

I can imagine his gregarious laughter

at just the thought

and the glint in his eyes

for center-stage was the

place he was most comfortable

I will close this ramble with Larry’s favorite quote

which now resides on the back of his headstone

Sometimes a single life will clearly and effectively illustrate a period

Theodore Dreiser

Yes, sir

your life certainly did.

XO 💔 forever ❤️


5 comments on “Yahrzeit

  1. Lisa, your words pass a candle of light on to others. In turn, they can use this to illuminate the goodness of others in their lives. Dreiser’s quote says so much about Larry. God’s peace!


  2. what a beautiful heartfelt poem Lisa. I’m sure Larry with play with the lights for you after this exquisite post! 💖💖

    Liked by 1 person

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