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New Normal

I’ve seen a lot of posts on social in the last few days wondering if this is the “New Normal”: Empty shelves in stores, hoarding toilet paper, and parents unable to find what they need to feed their children.

Photo: Karen Masterson

Let me say this loud and clear:





Accept as


Is emptying shelves in the grocery standard? No

Is emptying the shelves as if for the apocalypse normal? Depends on who you talk to, but those individuals with the prepper mindset are already locked and loaded.

Is damn adults buying enough crap for the next year while the child next door goes hungry right and normal? I’ll let you answer that for yourselves.

If you’re going to die soon, is all that crap going to matter? Again, answer for yourself.

Let’s think about this rationally: Take a deep breath, another, in and out, again, think of something pleasant. Go to your happy place. Come back to finish reading!

Let’s all go back to being normal:

Stop listening to the hype!

Help your neighbors.

Hug and play with your littles.

Make memories.

Love each other!

Turn off the damn tv 24/7 news so the littles won’t be scared.

Being nice hasn’t been restricted. Being kind hasn’t either. Neither has love.

Not taking that last can of beans or roll of TP because it’s there -you really don’t need it- and leaving it for the person behind you is just plain nice.

Don’t buy into the frenzied herd mentality.

Wash your hands

Don’t touch your face

Use hand sanitizer or wash your hands after touching any surface

Maintain a safe distance

Cough or sneeze into a tissue or your elbow.

Wash your hands

So what is the point?

Be kind.


Because we are still human beings who know deep in our hearts that kindness is NORMAL (and this bullshit that is going on is not).

XO Lisa


Image: UnSinkable

7 comments on “New Normal

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  2. Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.


  3. This. Oy. We went to the store yesterday. 3 hours. Bought extra comfort foods simply so we don’t have to go out and can enjoy our time together at home and do what we like without having to make little store runs here and there. And make the best of it. Any normal person should have already had enough TP and cleaning supplies on hand for their family just sayin.

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  4. Fantastic Lisa!!! 😊💞

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