new life

London VI

Reflecting on the experiences of this last glorious week instead of sleeping before traveling back to a country that I fear is unrecognizable..


The history. Roman walls in parks next to new buildings. Coexisting side-by-side.

Two grand cathedrals, a neighborhood parish, and the oldest church in London. History from ever different perspectives.

Markets, parks, dragonflies, pubs, picklebacks, restaurants, long walks, and finding Uber drivers.

TATE MODERN: Rothko, Monet, Renoir, Ruscha, and Cezanne.

National Gallery: Glorious paintings and tiled floors…

National Portrait Gallery: Exceptional

Will never forget the absolute highlight of the week: STONEHENGE! Simply no words for the magnificent energy.

But best of all: Happy for time spent with my awesome daughter Effie.

I know there is so much that I am missing, but I will add more as I go through pictures.

XO Lisa

PS- I didn’t find a blue tardis phone booth…

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