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Traveling and My Happiness Apocalypse

Still in London U.K.

The U.S. travel ban now in effect does not apply to the U.K. or U.S. Citizens. Therefore, barring any unforeseen airline kinky schedule-switchery or future orange-man debacles, I will continue with my pre-planned itinerary and travel home on Saturday.

I may be returning to a new world reminiscent of end-of-days science fiction. People cowering in their homes paralyzed with fear. Store shelves devoid of water and toilet paper. Bottled H2O and TP rationing due to stockpiling. I wonder what nutritional value TP has? For the love of G-d people, get a grip. Ya canna eat TP. This isn’t the end of the world- just another previously unknown strain of the already existent corona virus.

Does that mean one should back-off on precautionary measures like using sanitizer or handwashing after touching surfaces, coughing or sneezing into a tissue or your own elbow, keeping a 6’ distance from others? Absolutely not.

Should we stop the media-induced apocalypse now feeding frenzy by turning off the television news? YES! Every network? YES! 24/7? YES! Mark my words, when ratings fall, they will move on to the next topic to sensationalize.

Should we appreciate those we love and care for? Really let them know, because one never really knows how much time we have left on this planet.? YES!

My existential meaningful coincidences, otherwise known as synchronicities this trip have been many and unforgettable. I may see a different world upon my return, but I am returning a changed individual.

So forgive, be grateful, get that meaningful tattoo, say I’m sorry if you need to and mean it, mend fences, do your next best thing, go after what makes you truly happy, be open to love, follow your heart, be true to you, be kind, and just do unto others…

Have a happiness apocalypse!

XO Lisa

PS- Share your stockpiled TP!

10 comments on “Traveling and My Happiness Apocalypse

  1. A happiness apocalypse sounds like a good idea.

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  2. Girl I’m down to 6 rolls lol! 😱

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  3. Wise Hearted

    We just returned from a trip up to Northern Ca. Actually they are not taking this serious as the southern part of Ca. I am leaving for a Ladies Retreat tomorrow and it’s still on, over probably 6 hundred women attending. Course we may not have toilet paper but I am sure we can find something to work if needed. It will be like jungle camp living. We went on our first cruise two months ago, caught a terrible case of strep throat. Not worried over this, it will cease soon and then we’ll have another one come to give a name to…it’s exactly as God said it would be. We’ll just keep our routine as much as possible and glad you are continuing to not allow all this to stop you from traveling. Blessings.

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  4. Smiling! 😊

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  5. May Jenkins

    Love that you are traveling again! Have fun!

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