Three Years

and Larry’s second

third anniversary

of his great adventure

on 6/26/2019

The Yahrzeit candle extinguished

a day after lightning

via a Zoom call that you would have thoroughly enjoyed – with Barry & Janis, Rachelle & Mike, and Bill & I present

pictures and memories were shared

prayers lifted

candles lit

with even a few laughs along the way

because how could we remember you without laughter…

Today we went to the cemetery

to visit, in a sense,

but you are not there

more out of respect and in memory of

to straighten up

add stones

and whisper messages

that hopefully you heard

in heaven

we visited your parents and did the same

After the Cemetery

We did a neighborhood tour

in memory of you

to two of your traditional

after-cemetery stops –

The Village Diner for breakfast

and Miles Market

because we skipped

Honey Hut ice-cream for dessert

the trifecta was incomplete…

Dear Larry,

Three years

have passed

since the early morning call came

that shattered my heart

and turned the world as I knew it

upside down

Three Years

of missing you

one reflection away

from waves of tears

but the thought of you

never crossing my mind again

is too painful to bear

Three Years

of memories

from fourteen years together

still present

when you come to mind

with a song




or random thoughts

Three Years

of missing you

with every breath

but knowing

I would not wish you back

because you were in so much pain

Three Years

of grief that will

never completely stop

because love never ends

But three years

that went by quickly

and slowly at the same time

with new adventures


exponential growth

along the way

Now, three years later

you would be glad to know

(as I am sure you do) that I am happy

as Bill told you at the cemetery today

you don’t have to worry about me any longer

he’s got my back

but you know that

we talk about you often

laugh at my memories

and he feels as though he knows you…

if you had anything to do with

God bringing us together

thank you

I miss you

and I will always be grateful for you

Love forever 💔

Lisa ❤️

5 comments on “279 Three Years

  1. God’s patience opens doors to allow our life to experience the best of others.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 💖 4 ever in your heart! 💖

    Liked by 1 person

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