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Yesterday a bird was in my house!

Yes, a bird…

Roxie the dog was first to notice it- she jumped off the couch barking as she usually does when someone comes to the front door. I got up to look and she wasn’t in the usual spot by the door – she was sitting in the bathroom, eyes focused on the window!

I followed her line of sight and there, in the window, was a bird!

Startled, I (probably) yelled (too loudly), “OMG There’s a bird in the bathroom!”

Up jumped SO Bill to the rescue! He cornered the scared bird behind the TP holder (who wouldn’t be scared- first a barking dog then an old lady screaming like a hysterical teenager…), scooped it up, calmed it by stroking its back, gently removed the string that was tangled in its wings, and took it outside. He was going to sit it in the grass but as soon as he opened his hand the bird flew away, probably relieved to get out of the nutty house!

But the story doesn’t end there!

My mom, bless her soul, was terrified of birds. I called my sister Linda to tell her the bird story. We talked about my mom’s fear of birds and how she probably wouldn’t sit on my porches with all the birdfeeders, but in this case, a bird in the house, she would probably have peed in her pants a little. Then I mentioned that Linda has strange occurrences at her house all the time as well.

Whereupon she asked if I told Bill the story of my keys yet…

I recounted the story in this blog post: Supernatural Stories and Lessons (I finally added the video that I mentioned in the blog)!

So I showed the video to my SO Bill and told him the story.

We laughed.

I am so grateful.

Grateful that he recognizes that Larry was a big part of my life

but he died.

Grateful that he doesn’t mind if I mention Larry in conversation.

Grateful that he asks about him, isn’t afraid to say “Hello Larry” when the lights flicker, that he truly cares for me (and I for him).

I am also grateful that Bill loves birds and animals, because Roxie the dog sure loves him!

I am truly blessed

and happy.

XO Lisa ❤️

PS- SO means “Significant Other” just in case you were wondering…

4 comments on “Gratitude 194 Stories

  1. I missed too many of your posts when I was in Montana so it is a blessing to read about the bird in the bathroom. Years ago (around 1988), I heard some noise inside the wood burning stove in the living room. Somehow a little bird found his way down the stove’s stack into the heart of the stove. With summer weather, the stove wasn’t in use. My curiosity told me to open the stove’s door. The frightened bird now was flying around the living room. Using a broom, I slowly and patiently herded the bird out the front door.

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  2. oh this is so sweet Lisa! I’m been rescuing a lot of birds from my cat lately 😿 and just in time to let them go. Sweet of SO…OOOOO nice Bill to care for you and get your relationship💖

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