This is my favorite time of day

My porch

No longer light

but not quite dark.

The birds are chirping as if to bid the day goodnight.

Solar lights come on one by one.

Dogs are barking in the distance.

Earlier, deer were moving through the yards stealing drinks from the birdbath

Traffic is quieting down

Neighbors’ lights come on in windows.

It’s peaceful sitting on the porch.

I think about childhood days sitting on the back porch with my grandpa listening to baseball games and talking while grandma wrote in her “book” and made ready for bed. Part of her nighttime ritual was marking the spot in her Bible for the morning devotional to be read at breakfast the next day.

I learned to crochet on my grandparents’ front porch. My grandma patiently teaching stitches and celebrating potholders completed.

Our front porch at home was the neighborhood watch. It hosted band instrument practice (lucky neighbors), long talks, waving at cars going by, rolling down the hill contests, and a respite from the hot upstairs in the middle of the night.

Later in life, the front porch was a milestone when my mom walked around the house for the first time after her surgery just to sit outside.

When my children were small the front porch swing was our thunderstorm watch spot – until lightning struck not 10 feet away.

My view from this particular porch encompasses every porch memory seared on my soul.

They contribute to peace.

It quiets my mind and brings joy to my soul – ushering in the darkness of night and time for bed.

XO Lisa ❤️

11 comments on “Gratitude 174

  1. A most wondrous time of the day! There is something magical and lasting about the time between dusk and total darkness. Perhaps it is God’s way of preparing us to close the book on today as we glimpse into tomorrow.

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  2. You have some very precious porch memories there, Lisa! The one of your grandparents was my favorite. Grandparents are so important and so are porches! It’s my favorite place to be! 💜

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  3. so soothing to read and I do agree that I love this time of day too! 💖

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  4. Sitting on my front porch reading this! I think porches are part of our DNA! Love you, sister!💖

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  5. I love that time of day too. Time, for a moment, seems to stand still. Even the words that describe it sounds magical…Twilight.or in the gloaming

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