Grateful Gratitude Series

My New Addition Gratitude 165

Front (new) feeder

Yesterday after work I went to my favorite local birding store just 15 minutes before it closed…

In just five minutes I had a new bird feeder, a mounting hook, 40lbs. of seed and thistle seed for my favorite finches when they come back to town.

Backyard and side feeders

Word traveled fast in the neighborhood today that there was a merry new feeder in town.

As Larry used to say, “We have good seed, no stems!” It was appropriate that I would think about him a lot today on the day before his earth birthday…

I watched the birds visit the front feeder all day. I can see it from my desk. As I watched, I was thinking about the hours Larry and I spent watching the birds come to the feeder in the back yard and how we fell in love with finches on our honeymoon.

I also thought about how great it is that my “too old to be called a boyfriend” Bill loves birdwatching as much as I do!

Little synchronicities make me smile gratefully through my fleeting tears.

I look forward to watching the happy birds this year, by myself and with Bill!

XO Lisa

8 comments on “My New Addition Gratitude 165

  1. Enjoy these special moments! There is a special connection between nature and people.

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  2. Sweet your bird watching with Larry and Bill your Beau:-)

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  3. Thanks a lot for sharing such a motivating post,depicting your love and concern for the beautiful nature.Take care.🌹🙏

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