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Guest Post – M. Rose S.

Original Art by M. Rose S. / Proud grandma and M. Rose

My twelve year old granddaughter M. Rose S. loves to write and draw.

Here is her latest story:

A Deathly Ride

The gates screech to a deafening stop. Opened wide to welcome you into a nightmare.

Your heart starts pounding like fresh meat being hammered down to a slick bloody cutting board. You step into the rusted cart while butterflies swarm into the pit of your stomach. You hear ear piercing screams.

The screams dial down while they come closer and closer right behind you.


You look behind you and you see people just like you sitting in carts just like the carts you’re sitting in, at that very moment. “Buckle up and enjoy your ride,” the jolly lady rasps through the loudspeaker.

The cart starts creaking to the edge of the rails… and your off!

You hit an endless loop de loop that crashes you into a fearful turn that jerks you to the side. You feel rippling chills commence through your body. You suddenly see the hands of the others jerk up to the sky, while you slowly slither to the top of your deathly ride.

You reach to the sky and you suddenly stop.

You’ve been hung over your rusted cart waiting for your demise.


M. Rose S.

I am grateful for M. Rose’s creativity! ❤️

XO Lisa ❤️ living a gratitude filled life!

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