I am convinced that those who are

actively grieving should form a

secret society.

With handshakes or

knowing glances.

Well, maybe not the knowing glances.

But we could

seek each other out

for comfort or commiserations.

Such a society would be

useful for days like today

when the grief was so loud

that only Metallica could

drown it out.

For the record,

that solution only

produced a splitting headache

and the tears still came

in a torrential downpour.

The society would have been useful

on Saturday when going

through a box of my Love’s

belongings brought on a full blown

“I think I’m having a heart attack”

panic attack.

So I closed up the box and

put it back in the closet.

But the one thing any society

cannot dictate

is how long or

my individual path through

this barren wilderness of grief.

So I will continue to be

grateful for 4987 days

with my Love

thankful for the support

of family and friends

and put one foot

in front of the other,

whether I can see where

I am going or not…

© Lisa P

5 comments on “Moving Forward V

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  2. I am praying for you Lisa. May God bring you comfort and peace as you walk this journey. May others surround you with prayer and support. God is always walking with you.

    Perhaps there is someone who is personally close to you, friend or family member, who could be with you as you go through some of these challenging moments.

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  3. May Jenkins

    It will become easier with time. Just stay strong my friend!

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