The saying

“Two steps forward

one step back”

keeps rolling

through my mind

while traveling

this winding road

of learning to live

a new life

without my Love.

Truth be told,

10 steps forward

and one step back

is more descriptive

at the present time.

And since letting go

of the edge of the cliff,

driving over a bridge,

or otherwise doing

away with myself

is not an option-

I will remember

how far I’ve come

since life

before my love,

the lessons he

taught me,

the love we shared,

and memories

made together.

I will recall

my bucket list,

my personal goals,

and lean on my

support system.

I will keep moving


and not allow

the tidal wave

to destroy


© Lisa P

4 comments on “Moving Forward IV

  1. Lisa, you are so right! None of those things listed are an option, only going forward, as you stated. It’s hard a lot of days. And it will be for days to come. The memories keep one going. I know it’s got to be hard missing your love! It would make him happy to know that you are remembering the things he taught you and the things you shared together. Hang in there! You are in my prayers! ❤️

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  2. Lisa, God is encouraging you as you take each step forward.

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