11/11/1987 at 1:06am my child Effie or Eff as we like to say, entered this big world determined to life a big life.

Effie Lucille Mae was named after three of the strongest, women I know: Effie for my mother’s mom; Lucille for her father’s mom; Mae for my mother’s middle name (and mine, and now Eff’s as well). Eff has lived up to the strong name!

As a toddler, Eff was inquisitive, never sat down, and nothing on a horizontal surface was safe from little fingers. It all belonged on the floor.

Too stubborn to talk, Eff’s first words were, “Can I have a glass of milk.” But only after I informed the little one that I knew it could talk instead of grunt and point because I heard talking in the crib. At that point I knew we were in for the ride of our lives!

Determination is only one of many characteristics that we ❤️ love.

A caring heart is another. Eff was always quick to snuggle. In possession of a sixth sense, when someone is hurting, Eff will move heaven and earth to cheer them up. Eff’s heart and passion is for the disenfranchised and less fortunate.

Yet another characteristic Eff possesses is the ability to dream big dreams. Since first grade the goal has been to ‘rule the world.’ I still remember that phone call from the teacher when the six year old child ended an essay with “But what I really want to do is rule the world.” Even then, a spark was ignited. I’m sure that is still somewhere on the list of long-term goals!

Most college summers were spent traveling working and helping others- Honduras, etc.

Eff loves family and friends alike, and we all return that love ❤️.

I am so proud of you, Eff — You live your truth and are unafraid!

I love the person you’ve become, are growing into, and still to be.

All of you!

I Love you more ❤️

PS- My dearest badass Eff- I went back and removed every gender reference in honor of you. Let me know if I missed any!


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