Moving Forward Unapologetically Real

Unapologetically Real 11-2

Mitta Xinindlu Quote

“Life taught me
to be thankful for my trials;
to be grateful for my pain;
to embrace my tears;
and to laugh at my sorrow.

Life taught me
that trials bring victory;
that pain adds strength;
that tears produce healing;
and that sorrow promotes wisdom.

Life taught me
to walk miles in my own shoes;
to enjoy what I have;
to be satisfied with what I’ve been given;
and to take care of the present moment.

Life taught me
that other people’s shoes will never fit;
that I might lose what I have, in a moment;
that wanting more is greed;
and that moments die so abruptly.

Life taught me
to appreciate nature;
to pray more often;
to show love to my family;
and to treasure my own life.

Life taught me
that nature is pregnant with metaphors;
that praying is a path to the Living;
that family was birthed to suit my needs;
and that my life is existing for only a short breath.

Life taught me
to appreciate endings;
to embrace goodbyes;
to accept death;
and to await the foretold judgement day.

Life taught me
that endings lead to new beginnings;
that goodbyes lead to new hellos;
that in death, there is life;
and that the judgement day is the perfect ending.”
Mitta Xinindlu

XO Lisa ❤️

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