Badass Moving Forward

Badassery 10/5

Well hello little badass calendar!

No copyright infringement intended

I agree that “The life you want is right here, right now.”

Then again, I may not…

… and the electricity analogy,


Perhaps it would have made more sense if you stated “After the invention of the light bulb…”

But I digress.

I am creating a new life on the fly.

I know nothing past that statement.

I do not yet know what my future holds.

However, I am placing my trust in the G-d of the Universe to place the people in my path that I am supposed to associate with

and the discernment to know if someone whom I am not supposed to be associated with breaks through into my orbit.

I am trusting my intuition.

Following my gut-instincts.

Listening to my heart and not my overthinking head.

Not listening to negativity.


I am creating my new, positive, reality devoid of negative individuals.

I will not allow their small-minded garbage to affect my soul,


or self-image.

I realize that what they say and do is a reflection of them,

their souls,



and their opinions, snide remarks, and very existence matters not to me.

I want to live a life of peace, devoid of negativity.

So in essence, your first sentence is correct.

“The life I want is right here, right now.”

From now on, I rebuke negative individuals and their energy.

XO Lisa ❤️

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