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Just Some Questions I Ask Myself II

…a continuation of Just Some Questions I Ask Myself

“Do questions really put up walls or do they open doors?”

— Rory (A Guy Called Bloke)

Good question, Rory.

I have been pondering your response in the form of a question for four days now.

I wish that I could say that asking questions opens doors,

and maybe answered questions do!

However, so far I have no answers to my questions,

except that I will not accept less than I am willing to give,

put up with bullshit,

tolerate lies,

live without peace,

and try to be in the present moment more instead of looking ahead.

I suppose this new attitude IS the answer to my previous questions, for I feel more peaceful and open to possibilities— whatever life may bring.

Therefore, questions can put up walls—

to keep other people out.

But walls can be altered with changes in attitude, a keen sense of self, and perhaps a sharp saw,

or knocked down completely with a bulldozer and plenty of mind-blowing dynamite in the form of more questions proposed by friends.

Thank you for your question!

XO Lisa

PS- You can find Rory at “A Guy Called Bloke”

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