I am grateful for night

when the sky is dark

but the moon’s beautiful light

pierces the black sky.

I have experienced darkness


heart-shattering misery

when light seemed so far away

and the abyss cliff beckoned,

“Jump over to stop the pain.”

Felt feelings of obscurity

not good enough,

pretty enough,

skinny enough,

smart enough,

never enough.

The ego is a funny thing

that feeds lies on top of lies

adds fuel to the bonfire of insecurities,

silences the heart and soul.

Only when I

embraced the night to

examine my shadows,

the demons hiding under the bed

in my personal darkness,

was the radiant soul light

able to shine through.

My heart was able to heal.

Jung called this process I’m describing individualism, becoming an individual, a real person not continually swept away by his passions of influenced by his culture. Each person has a unique opus, a soul work, because each has a particular makeup and history. For Jung the opus was a process of getting to know yourself deeply, not only a psychological process of painful advance in self-knowledge; but a religious initiation involving spiritual ideals and the search for meaning.

— Thomas Moore

In doing so,

I realized





My light



XO Lisa

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