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Musings Gratitude Day 91

Today I am grateful for an “It is what it is” mentality.

This attitude wasn’t always mine…

I used to worry

a lot

about everything.

Now I am not concerned

about things I cannot change.

I have realized that there are very few things that I can change.

Those things I can have nothing to do with anyone’s orbit except my own.

I cannot change-

the state of the world,

the news,


the actions (or inaction) of others,

what people think of me.

I also cannot change others –

nor would I ask them to change.

If I cannot accept someone as they are, they are not for me.

I can change-

myself, well, working on it…

the thoughts I allow to enter my head,

the people I allow in my orbit,

the food I eat,

what I read,

what I watch,

choosing kindness,

living from a place of gratitude,

deleting everything that

does not contribute to peace.

If I catch myself worrying,

I consciously let the thought

drift away so it will no longer

exert control.

I will never allow another

human being to control me,

for I finally love myself enough

to ever allow that to happen again.

I am worthy.

I am a badass.

I deserve

peace over pain,

love over hurt,

acceptance for who I am

at this moment.

I will not accept less than

I am willing to give.

XO Lisa

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