Today I am joyfully grateful for:

Wow! What a fun evening!

The company I work for had a ZOOM cooking class on how to make a charcuterie board

My good friend Nikki came over after work

We drank 🍷 blackberry Mead

added things not on the list

(chocolate and garlic dills)

and voila!

Finished early and started eating our creation before the final garnishes…

Nothing like learning something new while having oodles of fun!

The mid-week pick-me-up was a success!

I slept like an over-stuffed baby last night…

Thank you Nikki,

for more than charcuterie-

for being a great friend,


partner in crime,

and making me laugh until I cry!

Looking forward to more fun this weekend!

XO Lisa

3 comments on “Musings Gratitude Day 86

  1. Pretty high-falutin! Lol! 😄 What happened to the good old days when it was a meat, cheese, and relish tray??? 😲 LMAO! Love you, sister! 😂

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