Gratitude Series Moving Forward

Musings Gratitude Day 85

Today I am grateful for peace.

My week is super busy

leaving no time to think,

or overthink.

Every day is packed full

from sunrise to

well past bedtime.

Weeks like these

are exhausting-

but fun

and satisfying.

They’re even peaceful

because my brain has

no time to

decompress (or decompose).

The weekend will be

filled with fun

and certainly laughter.

This weekend

my first baby turns


man that makes me feel old!

But regardless,

since COVID nixed every

summer concert plan,

I am going to a Metallica drive-in concert with my friend Nikki and her friends (new friends for me?)

Looking forward to the fun!

Maybe I’ll even find some time to get to the range and sight in my new toy… if not this week, then that will be on the list for next week!

I’ve decided that the best way to navigate the storms in one’s mind is to ride the waves (and always look for the North Star)…

XO Lisa

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