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Musings Gratitude Day 75

Wow, just wow! Today is my 75th day of gratitude!

75 Days!

Last year at this time I didn’t think living 75 days was possible, yet alone 417.

What a rollercoaster ride the last 417 days have been…

On day 74 last year, I wrote

Thoughts on Grief XXXII.

In retrospect,

I’m sure I made things seem better than they really were, always do.

Except the sledgehammer… the grief sledgehammer is real!

But the point is: 417 days ago,

If anyone had told me that

not only would I still be alive,

but also



loving life,

loving myself for me,

creating peace,

starting over,

and, most importantly,


(but absolutely taking no crap and not settling for less than I deserve),

I would have called bullshit

on the very thought.


I listen to music full bore

not to drown out my feelings,

but to revel in life

and sing along!

I dance everywhere-

at home

in the car,

sitting down & standing up!

I am HAPPY and grateful to be alive!

Never, ever, ever give up.


Be a badass!

Be grateful!

XO Lisa

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