Grief and Mourning to Healing

The picture above hit me

like a ton of


It perfectly conveys

the sheer weight of grief.

Tom Zuba defines grief thusly:

“An automatic internal learned response to the end of a dream.”

Tom goes on to say

“In order to heal, you must mourn…

Healing gives meaning and purpose to all you’ve lived through.”

Tom Zuba in Becoming Radiant

Mourning is bringing feelings up and out








listening to music full bore

whatever it takes

in the present moment

to get the feelings of grief up and out.

What hit me full-force in the picture above is this:

I am weighted down

by rocks of grief

stuffed down deep inside

throughout my life.

As one rock rises up to be mourned

another waits in the shadows,

only to rise up another day.

As they are mourned


waves after wave,

darkness dance after dance,

hopping shadow to shadow,

I become lighter,

and my light becomes brighter.

With each rock I drop behind

on my journey

my path to healing


so I can become


XO Lisa


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