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Going Against to Become

“To go against everything

and almost everyone.

To make your own way.

To do what you have never done

in order to become

who you have never been.”

— Tom Zuba Becoming Radiant
Image: Unsplash

My whole life,

I went against every grain,

every norm

questioned everything.

Never “fitting in”.

I always felt so out of place.

My life before 2005

was preparing me for

my love Larry,

who was anything but ‘Normal’.

My entire life before 6/26/2019

(when Larry left his physical body

and became all soul)

was preparing me for

this time in my life.

My continued

life with Larry,

only in a different way.

This amazing time

when I am doing

what I have never done:

Trusting my self

My instincts

My heart

My intuition

My motivation

My intentions

My process

My self


I am putting my self


for the very first time

in my adult life.

My healing

My becoming

who I have never been.

Not denying

or repressing!

But embracing

and loving

my scars,

every bit of my darkness,

my weirdness, demons,

kink, depravity,

dancing with my shadows

to let out

all my love

and my light!


the Radiant Person






The person Larry still helps me discover.

XO Lisa

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