Badass healing Moving Forward

Badassery 7/7

Really little badass calendar?


Today of all days?

But I do love myself!

—- you do?

Yes! Shut up head- you can sure be an asshole sometimes.

I’m consulting my heart instead-

where I choose to think from-

where I find peace-

where Larry lives.

Yes! I love myself!

Asshole head – who wants me to conform and stay sad, wallow in self pity, hate the me that G-d created, and keep me from healing can just STFU!

I will be me!

I can choose peace instead of pain!

I am peaceful today!

I love myself!

I am healing!

Because I choose my heart

over my head!

So I guess the badass calendar sent the right message today after all.

Thank you!

XO Lisa

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