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Musings Gratitude Day 13

It’s just so perfuck.

—Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity

Image: Pixaby

Today I am grateful for cynicism.

Don’t get me wrong,

I would love for life to be all butterflies, unicorns, love, light, forgiveness, where everyone does unto others as they would have done unto themselves, and all that stuff I was taught in Sunday school…

But let’s face it.

It isn’t.

Yes, world.
You disgust me.
Please continue.

—Eric Jarosinski, Nein: A Manifesto

I am disgusted

with people in general —

those who say one thing

then do another.

Those who promise

then don’t deliver.

Those who destroy

in the name of a cause.

Just people in general.

So much so that

I wonder if it’s worth the effort

to even try to trust.

That may seem harsh, but I am done sugar-coating words to make things seem like they are better than they truly are.

People whom I have known a long time are tired of me- my sadness. They don’t say it out loud, but the vibe is there. “It’s been almost one year- how could she still be sad?” Seriously?

Heartless bastards all.

So I have sad days- so what?

Newsflash: There will be more sad days.

This year had been one for the books. And by that, Jason meant a book that got doused in gasoline, set on fire, and kicked over a cliff.

—Katherine McIntyre, Color of a Soul

I am and always have been an honest realist. I guess not everyone can handle that. Okay then, move along.

Sometimes I don’t have answers–

I rarely know the questions.

But I do know that people and the world seen through cynical eyes seldom disappoint.

Here’s to trust only when earned,


349 XO Lisa

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