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No Membership Fee Required

Image: Pixaby

This is your un-engraved invitation

to join the

‘Embracing My Inner Weird Tribe’

no membership fee required.

Join me in the quest

to discover the self.

Because regardless of background,

race, religion, gender,

or any number of terms

society uses to define humans,

we all have a little weird


that wants to be set free

let out of the box

come up into to light

that nagging inner voice that

refuses to let us live our fullest life-

tells us we’re not good enough

too fat, too thin,

hair too curly, too straight,

too short, too tall,

can’t do this well enough,

will never grab the brass ring,

find inner peace

reach the goal

conquer that fear

(damn, what a mess)

but when the voice

is acknowledged

faced head-on

let out of the box

let go

it loses its power

and will finally be silent.

The world beats us up

on a daily basis

why on earth should we

beat ourselves up too?

Let that inner masochist voice

die a thousand fiery deaths.

There really is no good reason to

strive for perfection

in this imperfect world.

Why do we live to please

imperfect people?

Care what others think?

Seek validation from

outside ourselves?


We should

Love whom we choose

Celebrate what we choose

Dance when we choose

Be ourselves

Every bit of ourselves

Our true selves

Not changing for others

Not reinventing

Being true, steady,




Embracing our weird,

loving our weird,

and letting it out to play!

Welcome to the

‘Embracing My Inner Weird Tribe’

The glorious

‘this is me- take me as I am

or walk the other way tribe’

Happy to have you!

XO Lisa

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