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Weird Thoughts in an Insane World

Image by Vektor Kunst iXimus from Pixabay

“Don’t worry if you’ve been labeled as weird. Who wants to be classed as normal in an insane world?”
― Jennifer White – Strong Heart Awakening

I wake up at night and cannot sleep because my mind won’t let me. It immediately starts wondering, comparing, churning, racing. Thoughts like tennis balls volley back and forth. This is part of my weird- a process to try to understand things that I cannot fathom. To answer the unending ‘whys’ in my brain.

I think we can all agree that the world has gone insane. For some, being isolated sparks reflection and self-assessment. But not everyone reacts in the same way…

Some rebel

Ignore warnings

Some are obsessed with statistics

Some are just obsessed


Some research incessantly

Some are sad

Some hoard

Some help

Some hide

Some are happy

Some drink to excess

Some become conspiracy theorists

Some refuse to believe this Covid-19 virus is serious issue that could kill them, their family, and anyone they come in close contact with.

Some go to work every day caring for others without knowing if they will return home that evening. They do so even though personal protective equipment is scarce. They put their very lives on the line to help others. Because that is what they do. They are the helpers.

Others, do as they are told


Slave to a Master

They follow


Lemmings racing over the hill

Sheep to the Slaughter.

Surely there is a common ground somewhere between rebel and slave. A place where warnings are heeded, people are safe.

But what can one do in the face of a microscopic enemy? It’s easier to fight a foe that can be seen with the naked eye, to imagine standing up to a gladiator than a speck of matter.

The speck of matter, the virus, the unseen enemy, is like a thought in the middle of the night that will not allow sleep. It grows, replicates, goes rogue, mutates, and takes over the already weird mind causing it to churn incessantly.

I’m going for the Lysol so I can go back to sleep.

XO Lisa

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