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Quarantine Lesson 2

Image: Facebook

Yes, yes, yes!!! I guess it’s no secret now that I am all in embracing my weird!

However as a Respiratory Therapist, in addition to fun, I try to spread truth in the face of this worldwide outbreak!

I posted this on Facebook yesterday and some of the responses I received were the best (I have awesome, weirdo friends):

From a friend: “You & me both sister! I let my freak flag fly!”

Love the background in the photo!
Yes, these are my friends!

From a friend: “Wine with Dewine🍷🍷” (Ohio’s Governor)… My response: “I must admit that I was never impressed with DeWine… ever… until now.” Another friend responded: “I think there are a lot of us who could say this! So glad he’s in charge now though.”

From a Respiratory Therapist friend: “Laughing that main campus thought this could be acceptable PPE in a pinch. Yeah.. no.”

More responses: “Put up with my wife lol,”

“Just alphabetized my DVD/Blue Ray Movies.”

“In stressful times I cook, clean, and bake. I like to fatten people up.”

Then there’s my brother-in-law channeling his inner Larry (my Love) saying OH VEY… LOL… George, that’s OY VEY!

This made me cry- Lots of Love to the Healthcare Providers at the Cleveland Clinic:

I will leave you all with this:

XO Lisa

Always find something to laugh at!

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