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London IV

Wow- another gorgeous day in London!

After I got our laundry situation straightened out, I took off. Uber is such a great thing!

Off to Westminster Abbey and a Eucharist service, remembered some friends and prayers for safe travels home.

The cathedral is awe-inspiring. I didn’t want to tour the creepy crypts, so thought I headed out the correct way ummm no- ended up walking through very quickly… so much for my great sense of direction!

Then a short walk to Trafalgar Square and National Portrait Gallery.

I decided to return to National Gallery. There were paintings there that I didn’t want to forget… Especially this one that shone from across the room – I thought it was a photograph from a distance. Just simply gorgeous.

“Lake Keitele” by Akseli Gallen-Kallela

Walking through more of London and another exceptional Uber later, Daughter and I met for dinner.

Mmmm! Wahaca for dinner!

Some much needed rest and relaxation tonight and research on the continuing saga of flights to ensure safe travels home…

XO Lisa

To be continued…

2 comments on “London IV

  1. What a fabulous adventure! I’d totally be into checking out the crypts though! I’m weird like that. I love old cemeteries, walking silently, reading the stones…few places feel so peaceful to me and I feel a strange sense of duty and service, as though paying hommage to those who have gone before us, a gift of love to ensure theirs lives be not forgotten. Weird I know. But too, unlike the flat name plates set into the ground that we have so often today, the old ones tell a tale like messages through time.
    Dinner looks amazing! Made me reset the diet I’m on. Lol
    Safe travels with worlds of adventure!

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