new life

London III

Best Day Yet

Spur of the moment morning


we rode the train to Salisbury

to see Stonehenge.

Imagine, my biggest bucket list

coming true- not even on

our itinerary.

But I am awe-inspired,


The moment I stepped

over the trench and into the circle

I felt it top to bottom-

wanted to cry

was breathless.

The trip today was a sentinel

life-event, a spiritual experience.

I will never, ever forget it-

the sensations, the peace,

the emotion, cleansing,

and release.

The right place, at the right time,

for a reason, and forever.

XO Lisa

To be continued…

5 comments on “London III

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  3. When we experience a surprise from our bucket list, we truly feel blessed.

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  4. Very excellent coolness.


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