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Memories Resurfaced

My Mom…

was in my head a lot in the days after her passing. She hid things that reappeared, provided answers when I couldn’t find certain items (detailed answers i.e. in the upstairs closet spare bedroom top left shelf right corner), let me know what clothing she wanted (with her angel pin on the lapel of the jacket), and at every turn I shared the newest story with my Love.

He thought I was crazy. Certifiable. “No way are you hearing your mom.”

Until the morning after her funeral when we woke up to dog toys in the kitchen (never there) resembling a circle or triangle (always were scattered in another room) and the dogs were with us all night…

When my Love responded to my mini freak-out with “Okay, I believe you now.” I told him that it didn’t matter that he believed me, Mom wouldn’t be satisfied until he acknowledged her! He did, and she was…

I firmly believe that this particular event happened to open my Love’s mind to communication. When he received dream visits from his parents and grandparents near the end of his life, he recalled my mom’s shenanigans as lessening his fear.

I hope that the experience helped him transition easily to the presence of G-d and dear, departed loved ones. I believe that it did…

XO Lisa

3 comments on “Memories Resurfaced

  1. God know how to comfort our hearts like no other. Nothing is impossible with Him! He definitely doesn’t want any of us fearing death. It is a beautiful thing to know someone is being met by their loved ones.

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  2. Isn’t it a mystery how you can tell or at least I have come to, that someone is nearing their departure when they begin seeing and speaking to loved ones who’ve gone before?
    I came to that understanding, sadly through the many experiences. Never once were their visions or conversations with others who live in another state or across town. It’s ALWAYS with loved ones passed.
    I don’t know what to make of it, can’t explain it but it comforts me. I like to think of it as a loving mercy and grace that G-d, would not have us in fear at the dreaded moment but allows us to transition into loving arms.

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