Thoughts on Grief XXXIII

Death is hard

on children too

My three (almost four)

year old granddaughter

was full of

questions today.

“Why did PawPaw

have to die?”

“Is that Paw Paw’s hat?”

“Whose cups are those,

Paw Paw’s?”

“Are Rusty (the dog)

and Paw Paw playing

in heaven?”

“Is Paw Paw and Rusty with

Grandma – mommy’s mom?”


“I miss my Paw Paw.”

“I think the next person

who goes to heaven should

take Roxie (the dog)

with them

so she can be with Rusty

and Paw Paw.”

“That’s Paw Paw in the

picture- can I take it


Grandma was choking

back tears all day

while answering the

pure, honest, questions

straight from the heart

of a child.

© Lisa P 8 September 2019

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