Pixaby: Pfeilgiftfeder

My love came to me
This morning
In a dream

He was purposefully
Striding towards me
Over the top of a hill
I knew it was him
He was dressed in black pants
White button-down shirt
Australian boots and his signature hat.
He was healthy
No gray in his goatee

He said:
“I’m coming to take you
to church.”

He was so frightened
of dying…
We talked about it
a lot.
I told him that when we
take our last breath on earth
We wake up in the presence
of G-d… peacefully
and when he gets there
he should let me know that
I was right…

He is no longer in pain
My love is striding with
our G-d
Healthy and Vibrant
What more could I wish for?

© Lisa P 29 July 2019

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